About Us

Cosmic is part of Notioneer. Founded in 2013, we’re located in Denver, Colorado, elevation 1 mile (1609 meters).


We’ve been in your shoes, excitedly drawing up plans for a new application, only to get bogged down writing backend boilerplate code: user accounts, authentication, SSO, password, permissions, the list goes on. You probably know the drill all too well.

You see, before AuthRocket we began development on an unrelated web app, determined to focus on the core-business related parts of the project. To save time and money, we’d use cloud services for everything else. It was a good plan, except… except we couldn’t find anything viable for authentication and user management. In response, we designed a reusable authentication API for ourselves.

Turned out, it wasn’t just for us and we were far from alone. Other developers also wanted what we had built. AuthRocket was born.

Growing up

AuthRocket’s grown up a lot since those early days. It’s hard to believe now, but we launched without social logins. Or two-factor auth. LoginRocket barely did anything.

We spent our first years talking with customers. Adding features and debugging integrations. Writing docs and improving ops. Everything you’d expect for a company with a maturing product. And it was good.

We also learned a ton. We discovered pain points we didn’t know even existed just a few years prior. By 2018 we realized we couldn’t really improve everything the way we wanted to.

Don’t get us wrong—what we had worked and was stable—that wasn’t the issue. But, all those discoveries had reshaped our vision and we knew we could do better. So, we started an ambitious plan to rethink authentication again.

Reaching for the stars

Now, here in 2020, on our 7th birthday, we’re ready to start sharing that vision. And it starts with AuthRocket 2.

AuthRocket 2 has been redesigned to be easier to integrate than ever before. It aspires to do more for you, eliminating even more authentication busywork from your code.

AuthRocket 2 is also the first installment of Cosmic. We look forward to sharing more soon.